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Puss in Boots
Actors: Billy Bob Thornton
Amy Sedaris
Antonio Banderas
Zach Galifianakis
Conrad Vernon
Tom McGrath
Bob Joles
Guillermo del Toro
Mike Mitchell
Latifa Ouaou
Constance Marie
Rich Dietl
Ryan Crego
Tom Wheeler
Director(s): Chris Miller
Available Quality:DivX, iPod
IMDB Rating:6.8 out of 10 (31242 votes)
Puss in Boots (iPod) Resolution: 480x320 Quality: iPod Total Size: 354 Mb



You'll know when you're in it.

Plot Summary:

Years before meeting Shrek and Donkey, the adorable but tricky Puss in Boots must clear his name from all charges making him a wanted fugitive. While trying to steal magic beans from the infamous criminals Jack and Jill, the hero crosses paths with his female match, Kitty Softpaws, who leads Puss to his old friend, but now enemy, Humpty Dumpty. Memories of friendship and betrayal enlarges Puss doubt, but he eventually agrees to help the egg get the magic beans. Together, the three plan to steal the beans, get to the Giants castle, nab the golden goose, and clear Puss name.

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