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Movies with Shawn Yue

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Rating: 7.3 out of 10 (141 votes)

Love in the Buff

Actors: Shawn Yue, Jo Kuk, Ekin Cheng, Miriam Yeung Chin Wah, Roy Szeto, Mini Yang, Yat Ning Chan

Directors: Ho-Cheung Pang

Country: China, Hong Kong

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

Year: 2012

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Rating: 6.2 out of 10 (3049 votes)

Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen

Actors: Donnie Yen, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Qi Shu, Shawn Yue, Karl Dominik, Ryu Kohata, Jiajia Chen

Directors: Wai-keung Lau

Country: China, Hong Kong

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

Year: 2010

Seven years after the apparent death of Chen Zhen, who was shot after discovering who was responsible for his teacher's death (Huo Yuanjia) in Japanese-occupied Shanghai. A mysterious stranger arrives from overseas and befriends a local mafia boss. That man is a disguised Chen Zhen, who intends to infiltrate the mob when they form an alliance with the Japanese. Disguising himself as a caped fighter by night, Chen intends to take out everyone involved as well as get his hands on an assassination list prepared by the Japanese.

Rating: 5.2 out of 10 (1369 votes)

I Come with the Rain

Actors: Elias Koteas, Josh Hartnett, Shawn Yue, Byung-hun Lee, Tran Nu Yên-Khê, Takuya Kimura

Directors: Anh Hung Tran

Country: France, Ireland, Hong Kong

Available Quality: DivX, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

Year: 2008

Ex-Los Angeles cop turned private eye Kline travels to Hong Kong in search of Shitao, the missing son of a powerful pharmaceutical conglomerate boss. Enlisting Meng Zi a friend and a former colleague now working for the Hong Kong Police, Kline follows a faint trail left by the ethereal Shitao. The path leads to local gangster Su Dongpo and his beautiful, drug addicted girlfriend Lili. But Kline is distracted from his search, haunted by memories of the serial killer Hasford whose 'body of work' was the reason Kline quit the police force. Will Kline once again need to lose his mind to find his latest quarry?

Rating: 6.3 out of 10 (3682 votes)

Initial D

Actors: Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Jay Chou, Shawn Yue, Edison Chen, Tsuyoshi Abe, Anne Suzuki, Chapman To

Directors: Wai-keung Lau, Alan Mak

Country: China, Hong Kong

Available Quality: DVD, iPod

Year: 2005

Two mountain road racers, Nakazato and Takahashi, challenged each other to find the best racers, and defeat them in "battles". Nakazato was surprisingly defeated by an old Toyota Trueno AE86 (Corolla in the US) one night, and he searched for the person who defeated him, which lead him to the Speedstars, a local team. But the car who beat him was actually driven by a local Tofu shop owner's son, Takumi Fujiwara, who had unknowingly perfected the art of mountain racing through daily deliveries of tofu. Takumi was able to defeat Nakazato again, showing that he is no fluke. However, winning hasn't helped him home life, as his father, Bunta Fujiwa...

Rating: 5.6 out of 10 (1009 votes)

Dragon Heat aka Dragon Squad (Mang lung)

Actors: Michael Biehn, Simon Yam, Maggie Q, Philip Ng, Shawn Yue, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Isabella Leong

Directors: Daniel Lee

Country: Hong Kong

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

Year: 2005

A team of young Interpol agents arrive in Hong Kong to give testimony at the trial of local crime lord 'Puma' Duen. Among them are American agent Andy Hui, Taiwanese cop Vanness Chang, and local lawman Lok. They are greeted by Hong Kong police commander Hon Sun. The heavily armed convoy taking Puma to court is attacked by a ruthless team of North Korean agents, led by international terrorist Petros Davinci. Petros is seeking revenge for his brother in arms, who was killed by Puma and his brother, 'Tiger' Duen. At Petros' side is his fierce enforcer, Ko, and a lethal lady sniper, Song. After Puma is snatched, the Interpol team insists on track...

Rating: 6.1 out of 10 (3068 votes)

Dragon Tiger Gate

Actors: Donnie Yen, Wah Yuen, Yu Xing, Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Jie Dong, Xiao Ran Li

Directors: Wilson Yip

Country: Hong Kong

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

Year: 2006

Three young martial arts masters emerge from the back streets of Hong Kong to help the powerless fight injustice.

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