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Movies with Liam Card

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Rating: 4 out of 10 (63 votes)

Puck Hogs

Actors: Jim Annan, Daniel Kash, Liam Card, Joe Dinicol, Jason Blicker, Ashleigh Hubbard, Howard Jerome

Directors: Warren P. Sonoda

Country: Canada

Available Quality: DivX

Year: 2009

Puck Hogs follows a men's recreational hockey team, The Puck Hogs, through a brutally hilarious weekend tournament. In the tradition of the cult classic This is Spinal Tap, Puck Hogs is a hocku-mentary comedy about ice-prone boys turning into real-life men, and stick handling the puck over the goal line of life.

Rating: 2.6 out of 10 (190 votes)

Psycho Ward

Actors: Liam Card, Ryan Barrett, Tim Clarke, Bobby Horvath, Jim Kosmenko, Nick Montgomery, Jacqueline Betts

Directors: Patrick McBrearty

Country: Canada

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

Year: 2007

While on a research outing, a group of urban explorers get more than they bargained for when the visit the site of an abandoned mental hospital and discover it's hiding a terrifying secret. Trapped in this giant prison, they start to disappear one by one. Their only chance to escape... to put together seemingly random clues, avoid a killer, and use their unique skills to survive.

Rating: 3 out of 10 (295 votes)

Dark Reprieve

Actors: Liam Card, John Cronk, Shawn Storer, Ian Wisniewski, Janelle Bartosek, Sarah Jackson

Directors: Richard Boddington

Country: Canada

Available Quality: DVD, iPod

Year: 2008

Two people Matt and Kate wake up in a closed down prison. They have no idea how they got there, or why they are there. In the prison they encounter several terrors as they look for an exit. These terrors include a wolf beast that terrorizes Kate, a hideous monster that hunts them both, a "zombie" surgeon who operates on people whilst you're still alive, the executioner who gives Kate a ride in his electric chair and finally executes her with the guillotine. But Kate just wakes up again in the prison and the nightmare continues. Also in the prison Matt and Kate encounter a strange number that pops up a regular basis, first the number is being ...

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