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Movies with David Schofield

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Rating: 4.8 out of 10 (2761 votes)

Unstoppable (2004)

Actors: Wesley Snipes, Vincent Riotta, Jacqueline Obradors, Kim Coates, Raicho Vasilev, Stuart Wilson, David Schofield

Directors: David Carson

Country: USA, Aruba

Available Quality: DivX, Hi Def, iPod

Year: 2004

The deranged military and former CIA agent Dean Cage is in a rehab program, trying to forget the traumatic loss of his best friend Scott in Bosnia. When he dates with his girl-friend and Scott's sister, Detective Amy Knight, in a dinning restaurant, he is mistakenly taken as being the CIA agent that is investigating the robbery of the military experiment EX by a man called Sullivan. He is injected with the drug and abducted by the thieves. Amy has six hours to find the also stolen antidote and save Dean's life.

Rating: 5.6 out of 10 (189 votes)


Actors: Amanda Abbington, Art Malik, David Schofield, John Lynch, Martin Compston, Craig Parkinson, Hugh Quarshie

Directors: Craig Viveiros

Country: UK

Available Quality: DivX, DVD, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def

Year: 2011

A model prisoner risk his own life and sanity to help a newcomer who has fallen under the spell of a psychotic convict.

Rating: 6.4 out of 10 (89 votes)

Land Girls - Season Three

Actors: Sophie Ward, David Schofield, Mark Benton, Danny Webb, Jo Woodcock, Liam Boyle, Carolyn Pickles

Directors: Roland Moore

Country: UK

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

Year: 2011

Land Girls is a British television period drama series, first broadcast on BBC One on 7 September 2009. Land Girls was created by Roland Moore and commissioned by the BBC to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. The programme was BBC Daytime's first commission of a period drama. Land Girls was filmed in and around the city of Birmingham. The first series features Summer Strallen, Christine Bottomley, Jo Woodcock and Becci Gemmell as four different girls doing their bit for Britain in the Women's Land Army during the War. Land Girls won the "Best Daytime Programme" at the 2010 Broadcast Awards and in that same year ...

Rating: 7.2 out of 10 (81946 votes)


Actors: Kenneth Cranham, Thomas Kretschmann, David Bamber, Tom Cruise, Tom Wilkinson, Terence Stamp, Kevin McNally

Directors: Bryan Singer

Country: Germany, USA

Available Quality: DivX, DVD, iPod

Year: 2008

In Nazi Germany during World War II, as the tide turned in favor of The Allies, a cadre of senior German officers and politicians desperately plot to topple the Nazi regime before the nation is crushed in a near-inevitable defeat. To this end, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, an Army officer convinced he must save Germany from Hitler, is recruited to mastermind a real plan. To do so, he arranges for the internal emergency measure, Operation: Valkyrie, to be changed to enable his fellows to seize control of Berlin after the assassination of the Fuhrer. However, even as the plan is put into action, a combination of bad luck and human failings co...

Rating: 3.6 out of 10 (143 votes)

Lightning Strikes

Actors: Kevin Sorbo, Todd Jensen, David Schofield, John Laskowski, Tom Harper, Jeff Harding, Itai Diakov

Directors: Gary Jones

Country: Bulgaria

Available Quality: Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

Year: 2009

When a deadly creature rides an electric bolt to Earth,it's lights out for a small town.

Rating: 4.8 out of 10 (1484 votes)

F (2010)

Actors: Jamie Kenna, Eliza Bennett, David Schofield, Christopher Adamson, Emma Cleasby, Tina Barnes, Ian Cullen

Directors: Johannes Roberts

Country: UK

Available Quality: DivX, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

Year: 2010

A group of teachers must defend themselves from a gang of murderous kids when their school comes under siege after hours.

Rating: 6.1 out of 10 (6518 votes)

Burke and Hare

Actors: Tim Curry, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Bailey, Isla Fisher, Simon Pegg, Christopher Lee, Andy Serkis

Directors: John Landis

Country: UK

Available Quality: DivX, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

Year: 2010

Based on the true story about the famous murderers, 'Burke And Hare' follows the hapless exploits of these two men as they fall into the highly profitable business of providing cadavers for the medical fraternity in Nineteenth Century Edinburgh, then the centre of medical learning. The one thing they were short of was bodies.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10 (31600 votes)

An American Werewolf in London

Actors: Frank Oz, Brian Glover, Griffin Dunne, Jenny Agutter, David Schofield, Sean Baker, Joe Belcher

Directors: John Landis

Country: USA, UK

Available Quality: DivX, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def

Year: 1981

Two American students are on a walking tour of England and are attacked by a Werewolf. One is killed, the other is mauled. The Werewolf is killed, but reverts to it's human form, and the townspeople are able to deny it's existence. The surviving student begins to have nightmares of hunting on 4 feet at first, but then finds that his friend and other recent victims appear to him, demanding that he find a way to die to release them from their curse, being trapped between worlds because of their unnatural death.

Rating: 5.9 out of 10 (48601 votes)

The Wolfman

Actors: Roger Frost, Art Malik, Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, David Schofield, Emily Blunt, Nicholas Day

Directors: Joe Johnston

Country: USA, UK

Available Quality: DivX, DVD, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

Year: 2010

Lawrence Talbot, a haunted nobleman, is lured back to his family estate after his brother vanishes. Reunited with his estranged father, Talbot sets out to find his brother... and discovers a horrifying destiny for himself. Talbot's childhood ended the night his mother died. After he left the sleepy Victorian hamlet of Blackmoor, he spent decades recovering and trying to forget. But when his brother's fiancée, Gwen Conliffe, tracks him down to help find her missing love, Talbot returns home to join the search. He learns that something with brute strength and insatiable bloodlust has been killing the villagers, and that a suspicious Scotland Y...

Rating: 6.4 out of 10 (2052 votes)


Actors: Leonor Varela, Art Malik, Sean Pertwee, Philip Quast, Daragh O'Malley, Bruce Payne, Timothy Dalton

Directors: Franc Roddam

Country: Germany, USA

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

Year: 1999

Cleopatra, the famed Egyptian Queen born in 69 B.C., is shown to have been brought by Roman ruler Julius Caesar at age 18. Caesar becomes sexually obsessed by the 18 year old queen, beds her, and eventually has a son by her. However, his Roman followers and his wife are not pleased by the union. In fact, as Caesar has only a daughter by his wife, he had picked Octavian as his successor. The out-of-wedlock son of Cleopatra is seen to be a threat to his future leadership. Thus Brutus and other Roman legislators plot the assassination of Caesar. Caesar's loyal general, Marc Antony, and Octavian then divide up the Roman empire. Antony takes Egypt...

Rating: 4.5 out of 10 (8885 votes)

The Musketeer

Actors: Jean-Pierre Castaldi, Tim Roth, Michael Byrne, Bill Treacher, Stephen Rea, Mena Suvari, David Schofield

Directors: Peter Hyams

Country: Germany, USA, UK, Luxembourg

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

Year: 2001

In 17th century Paris, a dashing swordsman named D'Artagnan finds himself at odds with the powerful forces taking over France. He sets out to avenge the murder of his parents and finds his country cleaved by chaos and civil unrest. His heart softens only for Francesca, a fiery peasant girl who claims D'Artagnan's heart on sight.

Rating: 7.3 out of 10 (216697 votes)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Actors: Kevin McNally, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Tom Hollander, Jack Davenport, Jonathan Pryce, Bill Nighy

Directors: Gore Verbinski

Country: USA

Available Quality: Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def

Year: 2006

Legend has it that a tortured soul called Davy Jones lives beneath the sea with a terrible sea beast at his command. Unfortunately for the notorious pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, this particular legend is very real. Years ago, Jack made a deal with Davy Jones, who is now expecting him to make good on his promise by handing himself over to Jones's servitude. But Jack will not give in without a fight, which is especially bad news for Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, who always seem to get caught up in Jack's mishaps. If Jack can't find a way to rid himself of Davy Jones once and for all, it may just spell the end for the three adventurers

Rating: 8.4 out of 10 (389326 votes)


Actors: Spencer Treat Clark, Djimon Hounsou, Tommy Flanagan, John Shrapnel, Joaquin Phoenix, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Russell Crowe

Directors: Ridley Scott

Country: USA, UK

Available Quality: DivX, DVD, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

Year: 2000

In Gladiator, victorious general Maximus Decimus Meridias has been named keeper of Rome and its empire by dying emperor Marcus Aurelius, so that rule might pass from the Caesars back to the people and Senate. Marcus' neglected and power-hungry son, Commodus, has other ideas, however. Escaping an ordered execution, Maximus hurries back to his home in Spain, too late to save his wife and son from the same order. Taken into slavery and trained as a gladiator by Proximo, Maximus lives only that he might someday take his revenge and fulfill the dying wish of his emperor. The time soon comes when Proximo's troupe is called to Rome to participate in...

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